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Friday, January 02, 2015

Our Into The Woods Story + Featurette

I never, ever get to go to the movies anymore so I was excited when my aunt and cousins came into town and suggested we see Into The Woods. Roo really wanted to see it, since she loves show tunes and Anna Kendrick, but I didn't think Jasper would be interested. Surprisingly, he begged to come along. So, okay, fine. I bought him a ticket. Pre-ordered online, just in case they sold out.

The movie theaters are packed in Wichita over the holidays, perhaps more than anywhere else I have ever lived. We are lucky enough to have a schmancy local theater chain with cushy reclining seats, big screens and a ridiculously ornate art deco styled lobby. Wichita is definitely the only city I have ever lived in where I've experienced people applauding after a movie. It's a truly ICT-specific phenomenon, as far as I know. Anyway, going to the movies here is a pretty big deal, especially around the holidays when the lobby is packed shoulder-to-shoulder. Or shoulder-to-hip, as the case may be for little kids.

Anyhow, we had nine in our group, so my aunt, cousins, and Roo went ahead to save seats while my stepfather, Jasper, and I stood in the epic concession line. It took like 20 minutes, no joke! Jasper clutched his own soda and box of candy as we made our way past the ticket-taker, into the theater.

And then he freaked out. Five minutes before the movie was about to start, he was sobbing like no one's business. Full on fit throwing. He would not sit down in the overpadded velvet seats, no way, no how. "I'm scared of the theater, mommy!" he plaintively wailed, as I watched, mystified and mortified simulataneously. I texted my mom to come get him, which she did in time for me to get back before the previews were over.

When we got back to grandma's house, having enjoyed the movie, Jasper was singing all the songs and telling me what happens. Turns out he spent the length of the film watching featurettes about it on the Disney Channel and realizing that he really would like it. Kids. Ugh.

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  1. I am dying to see this!! I love musicals and Into the Woods is one of my favorites.


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