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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Red Ace Organic Beet Juice Energy Shots

I've never been a big fan of "energy shots" since my experience with them has been limited mainly to the ones you find on the counter at truck stops. I understand that folks are interested in a way to boost their energy pre-workout, on roadtrips, or during the late afternoon zombie hours of cubicle workdays, but too often these gimmicky shots are sugary, overcaffeinated legalized crack that will wake you up, but are pretty likely to leave you with a raging headache and a jittery, lingering sense of remorse.

Unlike other energy boosters, Red Ace Organic Beet Shots are all natural. Each two ounce bottle is filled with 100% organic beet juice, the equivalent of 3 whole beets, densely packed with nutrients and antioxidants to enhance your performance and improve your overall nutritional health.  They're a quick and delicious way to get long lasting, clean energy with no sugar crash or caffeine fallout. 

Beet juice reputedly helps to lower blood pressure and increase oxygen levels, boosting your stamina and overall cardiovascular health. But juicing organic beets at home can be cumbersome, time consuming, and expensive. Red Ace helps you get right to the beet benefits you want, just by twisting the cap of their recyclable glass bottles. No peeling, roasting, juicing, or composting required. And an added bonus: once you peel off the shrink wrap, Red Ace bottles are a great size and shape for storing bulk spices or knick knacks.

Red Ace Performance Shots are available in three varieties: Original Organic Beets - lasting energy, Organic Beets & Turmeric - quick recovery, and Organic Beets & Greens - cleansing and detoxification. I enjoyed them all but the Turmeric is a particular favorite, for its gingery flavor and anti-inflammatory properties. It's not the recommended usage, but adding a Red Ace shot to your favorite Bloody Mary recipe adds some excellent flavor, nutritional value AND hangover-relieving properties…

You can order Red Ace Organic Beet Shots online (use code superdumbsupervillain at checkout for 15% off!) , or look for them at a grocer near you. I found them on an end cap in my local Whole Foods!

Disclosure: In accordance to the FTC Guidelines, I am disclosing that I have received product samples to facilitate this review but all opinions here are decidedly my own.

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