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About Superdumb Supervillain

Superdumb Supervillain is the online home of Naomi Shapiro, a writer and designer who has been blogging about parenting, products and a plethora of other things since 2006.

Naomi spent years clerking at record stores, booking and managing bands, DJing and writing for magazines (The Austin Chronicle, The Rocket, Raygun, Fizz, Pop Culture Press, No Depression) and ran the indie record label Fluffer, whose main claim to fame was releasing the first 7" by Spoon.

Naomi loves animals, music and the printed word and collects bakelite jewelry, mid century modern furniture and thrift store paintings (big eyes and orientalism), among way too many other things. Like shoes and obsolete technology…Typography, bright tights and baking rank high on her list of cool things. She lives in Kansas with her artist husband, two kids, five cats, basset hound, boxer, chihuahua and a frog.

When she's not busy working on Superdumb Supervillain, Naomi is the Marketing Communications Director for Yoder Smokers, a co-founder of Digital Wichita, Parents Group officer at her kids' school, on the organizing team for Startup Weekend Wichita and a sustaining member of Junior League Wichita.

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