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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Milk duds

Roo nursed until past her second birthday, which I like to think contributed to her overall good health: Only two fevers in her 3 years! Only one vomiting episode! I am hoping Jasper takes to it as easily as she did. I actually never expected to breastfeed for so long. I was shooting for at least 12 months. It just so happened that she was a milk hog and latched on easily within minutes of being born. I made Bob go to prenatal breastfeeding classes with me, which I don't think he will ever forgive me for... I was totally convinced that I needed to study up and work at it, etc. but for some reason it just came easily to us. Thankfully. I have had many friends who have had troubles and I don't think there is any way to predict them, it just seems to work for some babies and not for others.

Anyway, the impetus for all this booby talk is the fabulous nursing bra I received in the mail yesterday. It was part of a super awesome prize I won at the online baby shower held for mommy bloggers Liz, Tammie, and Christina. It was kind of like the shower was for me, too- I got more cute, useful stuff than at my own baby shower! I received a beautiful green toile blanket set from Max Daniel (courtesy of Cool Mom Picks), a cool Baby Daze organizer, super cute Mama Needs It skull and crossbones onesie set and my nursing bra of choice from Nummies.

Nursing bras are kind of a toughie for me. Bras in general are hard enough to pick but when you when you want something to make you feel less like a milk cow, it becomes very discouraging. Most of them show through clothing or have enough straps to make you feel like a dominatrix. I am moderately chesty without the added bonus of engorgement, so I feel particularly conspicuous post-partum. Anyway, the bras on the Nummies site are sleek and plain. I was leaning toward the sexy black Roxy model with lace trim:

but practicality set in and I went with the nude t-shirt bra called Tess:

I will spare you the gory details or any bra-clad photos of myself, but suffice it to say I am very pleased with the quality of Nummies' construction. The fit seems true to size and features convertible straps and a low cut cleavage, so you could wear it underneath summery tanks or dresses, as well as the eponymous t-shirts. This bra actually makes my 7 1/2 month pregnant after nursing a baby for two years boobs look round and perky, so that's also big plus. I think I'll splurge on the Roxy set once the baby is born.

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  1. Looks like a great product :) I am going to see if I can get some samples and maybe stock them.


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