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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Malia Mills… the perfect swimsuit

Malia Mills was the first line of swimwear I remember being sold as separates. The name stood out because I grew up in Hawaii, among many Malias, most of whom probably mixed and matched their many swimsuits. In Hawaii, bathing suits are not really accessories or seasonal attire, so women there tend to own more suits than their mainland peers, but doesn't it make perfect sense to coordinate your swimwear? Put the most flattering top with the best bottoms for a custom fit and you'll look better and, more importantly, you'll feel better about the way you look. The Malia Mills' motto is "Love Thy Differences" :

At Malia Mills we strive to improve the swimwear experience -- from the way swimwear fits to shopping for swimwear and the way it all makes you feel -- in order to empower women to see themselves from a positive perspective. Ask nearly any woman and you will hear all too often how swimsuit situations test her confidence and the conviction of her unique beauty. Why? Because when a swimsuit doesn't fit a woman, it really doesn't feel right. And if her suit doesn't fit or feel right, she doesn't feel right. In fact, she feels like something is wrong with her. At Malia Mills we are passionate about empowering women to recognize that if the suit doesn't fit, it is the suit that is flawed, not the body.

I love the idea that swimsuits are for swimming and fun and family. Not that Malia Mills doesn't offer some seriously sexy suits! You just don't have to feel obliged to stuff yourself into them like so many snausages. I am also loving the suits for girls in pretty Liberty prints or gingham:

And the new line of cover-up/dresses is just gorgeous. I really, really want the Kalola style in olive:

Superdumb Supervillain bonus!

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