superdumb supervillain: Slightly better, but still…

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Slightly better, but still…

Not sure why I am dressed like Thomas Dolby. (Apparently I was a boy in the '80s. Or androgynous. Was that in?!) That shirt had hand-painted forties tiki stuff on it and real coconut buttons, as I recall. I am sure if Ebay had existed, I could have made a mint… Mom and Tom look about the same, only smaller.

I miss being able to go sailing whenever. Doesn't happen much in Kansas!


  1. It might look scary in hindsight, but I bet you were the coolest kid on the block back then.

  2. I think your mom still wears those sunglasses...and I'm sure that shirt is hiding in her closet somewhere....:)

  3. Your mom is like a little demi moore!

  4. guys look like you're having fun.

    Oh how I miss water.


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