superdumb supervillain: Suck it up

Friday, May 23, 2008

Suck it up

Years ago, way before kids, we bought a Dyson Animal to deal with the detritus of our three cats. Now we have six cats and it's that lovely time of year when all of them are shedding their winter coats. There is literally fur flying everywhere. I can't keep up with it. And Jasper is trying to learn to crawl. Ick. It doesn't help that our old vacuum is kind of on its last legs. (Mind you, this is not due to poor design, but the fact that it's been used to clean up sawdust one time too many. Hmm, I wonder who's responsible for that?) Or that it features an ill-conceived Incredible Hulk color scheme: purple and green. With sparkles. It's time for an upgrade, obviously.

Kristin from An Ordinary Life is actually giving away one of the new-fangled Dyson Ball vacuum cleaners. They're like other Dysons, with the cyclonic suction, but they are even more maneuverable and sexy, with a swivel in their hips, so to speak. This one and the Animal handheld are totally on my wishlist…


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