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Sunday, May 11, 2008

What's NOT in there?

I love pasta but Bob is ambivalent about it, so we don't eat it as often as I would like. Over the last week, though, we've gotten to try some samples of Ragu's new line of sauces. They come in pouches, which is actually very convenient for pantry storage.

The idea behind the Fresh & Simple pouch is, well, fresh and simple: clip it, pop it (90 seconds in the microwave!), pour it. It really is fast and easy!

I imagine the microwaveable option would have been extraordinarily convenient in college, although I am pretty reluctant to microwave anything in plastic these days. (Plus, I'm married to a snobby, vegetable-gardening gourmand of a husband who can't use any kind of premade sauce or mix without "doctoring" it up…) It's hard to argue with one less pan to wash! Ragu reminds me of my youth, so it's a no-brainer comfort food. We used the samples we received in lasagna, pizza and topping gnocchi. Yum! The Fresh & Simple pouch sauces were tastier than either of us expected and contain no added sugar or preservatives, something that apparently the whole company strives for. Who knew?

Ragu has launched an initiative called Feed Our Kids Well in order to showcase their commitment to providing healthy foods for healthy families. To receive a free 34 page Feed Our Kids Well recipe book, click here.

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  1. We just tried these pouches too. I'll be writing my "review" next week...


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