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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Just Having a Lark (& Loon)

Roo received this lovely dress from Lark and Loon. Actually, it's not a dress, but something they call a "drop" which is both a dress and a top. This one is called Le Jardin de Cerf and features a pastoral illustration of a deer, although Roo insists it's a lamb. Four year olds are like that. There are coordinating pants we might have to get for cooler weather:

Lark and Loon believes that "art is attainable at any age and comfort and style are key for all ages" and they commission artists to create "wearable art for the little curators in all of us." (For example, the artwork Roo is wearing above is by Alena Hennessy, who has contributed several designs.) Since Roo is obsessed with foxes, we'll have to get this tee:

The summer drops are really comfy looking. I wish they came in my size. How cute is this Mod Monarch style?

And Jasper would look super handsome in the snazzy Invincible tee, although I am partial to the muted eggplant King tee, also.

If you happen to be near Decatur, GA this summer, Lark and Loon has opened a retail shop at 235 Dekalb Industrial Way. Stop in and buy one of everything for me!


  1. Cute dress! :)

    It looks so good on your girl!

  2. Very adorable clothes. I love the "drop"


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