superdumb supervillain: Second Child Syndrome

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Second Child Syndrome

Poor Jasper. Did I even mention the little guy started crawling and pulling to a stand a couple of days ago? Was I too busy with his attention-hogging big sister again? Bad mommy.

Way to go, dapper Japper! You are mobile. And fast.


  1. ya... just wait til you get to the third child... I didn't even write down my daughter's first word... bad bad mommy.

  2. Awe!!! I see his Robeez, I can't believe he keeps them on. That big boy!!!

  3. I can totally relate! and i don't know why i first attend to my older daughter's needs first before i get the baby... poor baby...

  4. Look at how cute those little pants are.


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