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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fall Fashion

Jessica Knows is having a contest and wants to know what fall looks you like…

I found this couple on Hel Looks, a street fashion photoblog from Helsinki. I love, love, love the retro look of this coat, stovepipe cuffed jeans and round toe pumps. His jeans could be less tight, though!

P.S. If you love this look, too (Hers, not his! Actually, I'm cool with him from about knees up. Not so into the pegged jeans and teeny pointy cowboy boots), VOTE FOR ME! Actually, even if you don't like the fashion, VOTE FOR ME! If I win, I'll get a Flip Video camera and maybe you'll get to see more motion in the ocean. Or on my blog, at least.


  1. I haven't had a chance to even see what the fall looks are yet... ah!


  2. I really like her trench! I think that is called a mini-trench.

  3. Voted for you! I really liked your style the best.

  4. Another vote cast.

    I'm just impressed that you managed to find the latest in Finnish fashion. Dig that trench! But if I could just look as cute as the model...

  5. I voted for you :)

  6. Um. I'll vote for you if you promise not to post videos of "motion in the ocean".

  7. I agree with you Naomi! I adore that coat but I am a tad too short to wear that I fear.
    Done, my vote has been cast!


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