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Friday, August 08, 2008

Little Town Flirt

I won a contest at Work It, Mom! and the prize was a trio of fabulous accessories from Flirty Finds. They came wrapped in leopard print and pink ribbons, making quite an impression! I have been hating my overly-big diaper bag and too-small pocketbook lately, so it was really fortuitous to win the Big Buddha Olivia bag. It's just roomy enough for me to stuff all my junk in without feeling like I'm packing for a weekend away. And it looks pretty great, too:

I would swear it was real leather if it wasn't so lightweight and decently-priced ($85). Faux fur and leather have come a long way! I also love the chunky hardware, which feels substantial and sturdy. Flirty Finds features a number of adorable handbags that look high-end but are very affordable. I love the Big Buddha Coco Mailbag, a sizable tote rendered chic in metallic leatherette.

I also received the Flower Medallion necklace in silver and the Emmy reversible ribbon belt. These aren't as obviously "me" but they are very cute on. Cuter than I expected, actually. And wearing accessories definitely make you look as though you've put out some effort, which is not a terrible thing for a mom's self-esteem… thank you, Flirty Finds, for helping me rise above my natural tendency to spend my day in pajamas!

***Superdumb Supervillain Bonus!***

Use code NAOMI for 15% off your online purchase at Flirty Finds.
Expires 8/15/08


  1. oohh. Beautiful finds--especially love the silver bag. I'll be back. Thanks for entering my contest-stay tuned there are a total of 4 this month on

  2. FlirtyFinds has extended the 15% off promotion until August 30, so check out and enter promo code NAOMI.

    We have lots of great new bags, belts, sweaters and jewelry for fall.
    Thanks very much!


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