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Friday, August 08, 2008

One Banana, Two Banana…

I vaguely remember the Banana Splits from my youth. What really stuck in my head is their incredibly catchy theme song, which was covered by endless garage bands in my post-college rock and roll life. People would talk reverently about Fleegle, Drooper, Bingo and Snorky and I would sort of nod in agreement but I had only fleeting memories of giant fuzzy creatures riding roller coasters. Still, that song is pretty great.

A while back, Roo started humming the Banana Splits theme song in the car one day and I demanded to know where she had heard it. "Uh, on Noggin, mom," she said, rolling her eyes because I am so lame. Of course, I had to sit and watch Noggin for hours with the DVR remote in hand, waiting for the elusive Banana Splits video to pop up. And when it did, it was indeed a blast from the past. It sparked something way back in the dusty crevices of my mind, triggering a desire to pull out 1910 Fruitgum Machine LPs and troll dolls. Which is weird, because I was too young for that stuff the first time around but I think I always wanted to be a child of the '60s instead of the '70s.

The Banana Splits back this fall, starring in comedy shorts and videos on Cartoon Network. You can check out the official Banana Splits website now to join their fan club, play games and watch videos. Roo is already on the bandwagon. Check out her groovy closet:


  1. I had a comp. CD of Cartoon Theme Songs redone by punk bands. This song was on it and I had no idea. I love the cycles of pop culure.

  2. I have vague childhood memories of the Banana Splits. I still can't see them without cringing with fear. By the way, my name is Naomi too, how often do you get that? I don't come across very many.

  3. quite a campy room there; I'm thinkin Roo is a cool kid. Are those the big eyed kids over there next to the door?


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