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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Mommy wants…

… this outfit for herself.

Unbelievable. Chloe Leather Swing Jacket ($867) and Herringbone Dress ($252) from Neiman Marcus, purveyors of gorgeousness that I am not sure I could justify, even if I had scads of money. I mean, Roo would wear it for a year and a half, max. Providing, of course, she actually deigned to wear it. (It's not pink or purple.) But she sure would look cute.

Now, in my size I could almost justify it… no, not really. Heavy sigh.

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  1. Yes she would and I know what you mean. I have never understood how manufacturers can justify charging the same price for childrens clothing as for adults.
    The fabric is just so ...not there. Isn't that a factor when determining the price?
    Anyway, that is darling! I would love a swing jacket like that!


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