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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wandering Waif

Just when I think Kathleen from Grosgrain can't make anything cuter, here comes the Wandering Waif Collection! This ensemble is so adorable, it makes me want to have another baby. Right now. Or at least dress Jasper up as a girl. Holy moly, this is precious stuff. One of a kind, too, people. She sews them and gives them away out of the goodness of her heart. We won the beauteous birdseed skirt but I haven't photographed Roo in it yet. It is, unsurprisingly, very cute. But this Wandering Waif Collection, including cape, dress and tights, is just so great that my heart skipped a beat. I'm in love.

Hey, if you happen to have DEEP pockets and a charitable soul, please consider bidding on Kathleen's silent auction to benefit NieNie and her husband, who face a long recovery after an airplane crash. Up for grabs is the sublime Fancy Fields Frock, which should fit 3T-5T. The dress is gorgeous but the sentiment behind it is even more beautiful. Look for more silent auctions in support of NieNie across the bloggy universe on Thursday, August 28th.


  1. Oh, wow. It's so beautiful.

  2. Oh, that is cute! I wish I had a girl...maybe I'll dress my little boy up too (we just wont tell his dad, K?). :) :)

  3. this is realy sweet for that so cute

  4. Aww. I want to go watch Robin Hood.

  5. Those are BOTH ta die for's. She always leaves me wondering what in the world is NEXT?

    tsk.tsk.tsk. Poor little Jasper.
    Don't you just love that fringe?


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