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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Knock Knock, Who's There?

Knock Knock makes all kinds of stuff you never knew you needed and plenty of stuff you won't be able to live without! Most of their products have a sly sense of humor, making them perfect for gift-giving. The New Parents Vouchers are a great baby shower idea, especially when bestowed upon rookie parents from those who have been in the trenches for a while. Oh, how I wish I could cash one of these in:

I am also a big fan of Knock Knock's fridge magnet series. We have the Inner Voices Kids' Art set, which looks fantastic adhered to Roo's preschool creations, which she brings home in a folder every Friday. Of course, it's fun to stick them on Bob's omnipresent doodles, too.

Don't think that Knock Knock is all fun and games… well, they are mostly fun and games, but they also produce fantastically useful items. Their series of organizers is really useful, featuring a binder style and tabs and printed pads to keep all of your information in the right place. The Medical Organizer looks very comprehensive:

I am also fond of the cheeky TakeOut Menu Organizer, which trumps my habit of sticking menus into our phone book. Knock Knock also offers a Travel Organizer, a Home Maintenance Organizer, and a Greeting Card Organizer in this series, all of which I could certainly benefit from.

You can find something for anyone on your list at Knock Knock and they add new items frequently, so it's always worth stopping by their site. I laughed out loud at this particular item, How to Traumatize Your Children from the Self Hurt Series of books.

And, yes, there are actually a half dozen titles in the Self Hurt Series! Knock Knock fills a gaping hole in my heart left decades ago by Spy magazine, by the way. I actually snorted while perusing their wares.

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  1. Sounds like a great company. I'm heading off to check them out now.


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