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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rain or Shine

We had incredible amounts of rain last weekend, so bad that I found earthworms crawling in under the door to my office. Eeek! I realized that I don't have a decent raincoat. I've never found one that merges style and functionality. Ever prepared, I wear a hoodie that's not waterproof and hope for the best. And I typically weather the storm looking like a drowned rat…

I know I should make more of an effort to both stay dry and look presentable. To that end, let me introduce you to the most fantastically stylish and eminently packable rain jackets I have ever seen, both made by Mackage.

Doddy is one tough cookie. This short rain jacket features puffed sleeves, asymmetrical zipper and a detachable hood. It folds down into its own pouch, neatly concealed in the lining. A bit '80s, but in a good way.

Shiloh is my personal favorite. It's a mid-thigh-length, vaguely princess-y coat with a removable hood and sleeves that balloon out at the forearms. It packs down into one of the front patch pockets. I think it could be dressed up or down.

I love that these jackets look runway ready but fold down small enough to slip into your bag. Practical but not predictable. I want one, yesterday!

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  1. You know, you're right. I'm the same way. I never think about buying a raincoat when I'm shopping only when it's raining do you think of it.
    Those are very stylish and could go from day to night.
    I have a yellow raincoat and red rain boots elementary style. Not too ladylike!


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