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Monday, September 15, 2008

See Kai Run to School

Sometimes I covet Roo's clothes. Seriously, at four and a half, she already outdresses me. Her new school shoes are my current favorites. I sorely wish they were available in my size. The style is called Elaine, from See Kai Run's new collection.

Elaine is a black leather mary jane with a graceful asymmetrical pattern of tiny stars that run across both shoes. They remind me of Camper's Twin series, only scaled down for toddler sizes 9 and below. It makes me slightly wistful that this will be Roo's last pair of See Kai Run shoes since she is finally growing and will probably be a 10 by springtime. (Thank goodness for Eleven Collection's larger sizes!)

These shoes look great with anything Roo's wearing, no matter how brightly colored or mismatched.

See Kai Run now offers online ordering, and carries Eleven Collection for older kids and Smaller, a soft-soled line for newborn-18 month olds. I wish we'd gotten the chance to try Smaller but I think Jasper's huge, stomping feet are ready for See Kai Run already. He's not quite walking but he's already about a size 6. I am eyeing the Kian for him:

They look like they have sturdy ankle support for ungainly walkers, plus style up the wazzoo! My mom's maiden name was Kiyan, so obviously it's in the stars for Jasper to wear these shoes…


  1. I was just about to say how amazed I am that Roo is still in a 9! I have huge gunboats for feet.
    She is a lucky little lady.

  2. I must have a girl-child someday so I can buy little Mary Janes. How I love Mary Janes.

    Also, I'm probably a little bit on the crazy size when it comes to internet security, but I might not put my mother's maiden name online. Since that's so often a security question for banks.

  3. I love See Kai Run shoes! My favorite is the Kenso style...I REALLY want to get a pair for my son.

  4. Kia got those same ones, totally cute!

  5. I too wish that some of those See Kai Run shoes were in adult sizes. Although I have too many pairs of Mary-Jane type shoes to count. I like those Kian boots...they remind me of something David Bowie might have worn.

  6. eeekk. I agree Kathleen! How I would love to wear those shoes. They are right up my alley!
    Ya know, come to think of it, why is it that we always say that and no manufacturer makes them? There are so many baby clothes and shoes that would be perfect for us!

  7. I have been hearing so many great things about these shoes! I really need to check them out. I agree with you and wish that they came in my size too. :)


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