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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Girl-centric (sorry, boys!)

Kookie is kid couture for girls only! They offer a fine selection of party dresses and skirts for the fashion-forward young ladies in your life. No boys allowed! Kookie's crazy prints and wild colors remind me of the sundresses my mom dressed me in as a kid way back when. My favorites: the "Off to the Hamptons" that harkens back to a Marimekko print vintage dress I have. Tres mod!

I also adore the exquisite "Top of the Class" dress with its Dr. Zhivago-esque peasant sleeves and psychedelic prints. I wish it was available in mommy sizes!

Roo would love the "It's A Wrap" reversible skirt. She likes to twirl and tie knots, so it's perfect for her!

Kookie's mascots are four sweet little cartoon girls who know how to have a good time. Each one has a distinct personality and is available on her own signature tee!

Roo picked Me Hula Hula orange tee featuring the sweet little island girl, but I suspect she might be more like Me Sassy Sassy, personality-wise!

Kookie clothing is also available online at Hip and Tickle and Happy Ever Afters.

***Superdumb Supervillain Bonus***

Enter code holidays for 20% off and free shipping when you buy directly at Kookie.
good through December 24


  1. Oh I love all that stuff! Definitely reminds me of stuff I wore growing up.

  2. These clothes are absolutely the best. The styles and prints are fabulous. My daughter loves wearing these clothes and I love seeing her in them! She especially loves her "me fancy fancy" shirt!
    Needless to say we are huge fans of this line! Thanks KOOKIE!


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