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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What To Wear When You're Expecting

Imminently pregnant lady on your Christmas list? Here's a great gift idea! The Peanut Shell, makers of easy-to-use and chic pouch slings for babywearing, have come out with a line of similarly chic hospital gowns. No way! I was so paranoid about what I was going to wear in the hospital when I was pregnant with Roo. I really didn't want to be photographed with my newborn in a faded, horrible hospital gown so I bought a robe and gown set to pack in my hospital suitcase. And then promptly ditched them for the hospital gown when I realized that they didn't have all the little snaps and ties that allow for the various tubes and monitors to discretely do their business. I'd rather wear something hideous than have a nightie hiked up for the vital signs belt any day! Now, thanks to The Peanut Shell, birthing mamas can be cute AND comfy, no matter how many tubes and straps are dangling from their nethers…

The Peanut Shell hospital gowns feature gorgeous cotton prints and a jaunty ribbon bow to tie over your bump. The shoulders feature snap closures to allow for easy breastfeeding and the back has a row of snaps going all the way up, for easy access and modesty. Flirty ties on the cap sleeves and coordinating piping make this gown cute enough for non-preggos, too, should you choose to wear it as a postpartum house dress.

The Peanut Shell's other new addition is the It's Time! Hospital Bag for your big day. These stunning bags were handcrafted for The Peanut Shell exclusively by Dena Rooney-Berg and feature pockets for lip-gloss, camera and your iPod, as well as a file folder pocket for all of your hospital paperwork.

I love the Snapdragon "It's Time" Hospital Bag with the aqua blue Asian motif. Pair it with the matching Snapdragon Hospital Gown and it's almost reason enough to go for Baby #3. Almost.


  1. where were these when I was delivering?

  2. How cute. I should totally get preggers again and then contact them for a review. Let me work on that. Er...

  3. I need to keep this in mind for my next least I'm hoping!

  4. Ooh, give one away! Give one away!


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