superdumb supervillain: Best Christmas Sweaters, Ever.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Best Christmas Sweaters, Ever.

Toto Knits makes adorable hand-knit sweaters and accessories. What sets this company apart is its commitment to fair trade practices. Toto Knits is based in Nairobi, Kenya and utilizes the talents of local knitters to produce their lovely wares. Erin Brennan Allan and Mary Wambui founded the company with the desire to foster more flexible employment opportunities for women to allow them to care for their families. Employees' children are welcome in the Toto Knits workshop and Erin and Mary hope to establish a health care emergency fund soon.

Toto Knits sweaters are the cutest thing, ever. Seriously! These are from the Farm Animals collection, which would be totally perfect for Easter:

I love the curly piggy tail! My favorite collection is the Safari line, which is available in cotton and wool. (The Farm Animals collection is all cotton.) The lion's mane is simply stunning and what little kid could possibly refuse the crocodile with its pointy teeth and spiky back?

My little monkeys received the Toto Knits Safari cotton monkey sweaters but have totally refused to sit down together and be photographed in them. Busy, busy, busy. Here's Jasper refusing to acknowledge how cute he looks. (Why does mean mommy want to take my picture when I'm playing?!)

Toto Knits offers more than just sweaters, too. Their baby blankets and booties would make memorable baby gifts and their hats and purses would be appreciated by kids of all ages– hats are available in adult sizes, too! And you'll charm the scroogiest holiday hostess with the Toto Knit Wine Bottle Bags:


  1. So cute! Don't you hate it when they won't sit for a photo sesh?

  2. Oh cute! And yes, why can't they just sit still and do the work they were paid to do?

  3. Ok, you're right. Those are oozing cuteness all over the place.


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