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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Eco-Citizenship 101

Are you looking for a good way to teach your children about living green but aren't sure where to start? The Little Environmentalists have your back. The company is committed to producing quality children's educational and entertainment materials that promote environmental awareness and a love of nature. The Little Environmentalists is also dedicated to sustainable business practices and producing products in an environmentally friendly manner. Their books are printed with environmentally-friendly inks on 100% recycled paper with 100% post consumer waste that is chlorine-free.

We received a copy of The Little Environmentalists' first book, Nature Discovery in My Backyard. I was impressed with how much information is included in what seems like an ordinary children's picture book! You can choose to read the basic story with its sweet rhyme about taking a closer look at things around you on a nature walk but the best part, to me, is the "Nature Notes" section in the back that gives you more in-depth information about all sorts of things you might find in your backyard. I didn't spend much time outside when I was a kid, so I felt like it gave me a little more insight into the kinds of questions my children might ask on a nature walk. Nature Discovery in My Backyard also includes links to early model learning standards, if you're the kind of parent who likes to keep track of that stuff. Roo was mostly interested in seeing what the little girl in the story found in her backyard- bluebird, butterfly, praying mantis. She wanted to go outside immediately and find stuff for herself, which I took as a sign that the book was doing its job!

The second book from The Little Environmentalists has just been released. I’m Turning Green teaches young readers tips for energy, water, and natural resource conservation. (Start them out early and let them deal with sorting your recycling!) In I’m Turning Green, the little girl turns green both literally and figuratively to illustrate the importance of thinking green in everyday life.

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