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Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree

We don't have too many holiday traditions but this year we've decided to institute a permanent one: we're going to buy a small potted tree and try to keep it in good shape so we can plant it on our property when the ground thaws in the springtime. We should have a forest by the time the kids go off to college!

While I was taking these pictures, I realized that I hadn't posted anything about having the ancient windows in our house replaced, so I'm including some photos of our home improvements. (Please excuse the fact that we haven't painted the trim yet.) We got the untempered picture windows replaced with brand new low e insulated glass and our whole house feels so much better. The front window even got a bay popped in, that's where the Christmas tree lives. I love how it opens up our boxy living room and gives us so much light.

Anyone who's ever spent much time in our home is familiar with our evil patio door. It was super old and didn't open without MUCH effort. We got a new one that glides effortlessly open and shut. I think it looks pretty snazzy, too, although I have some issues with the fact that the hardware doesn't allow you to firmly latch the door without locking it. Kind of dumb in a household with small children. (I need to contact Andersen about that…)

Finally, the loveliness that is Jasper and Roo's bathroom. The former owner of the house did all the tile work himself. Badly. It's uneven and cracked and he'd put glass block in poorly. We had a real window put in but they couldn't do much for the tile situation so I guess Bob and I will have a fun DIY project to tackle one of these days. Thank goodness the kids still take baths more than showers! (This one goes out to Hannah, who has recently had her own fun-filled tile experience.)


  1. I think that is a wonderful new tradition you decided upon! Traditions and rituals are the glue that binds families & generations. They create so many memories.
    You'll watch the trees grow with your kidos and those trees will spark tales of Christmas' back when.
    BTW I love,love,love the piece hung in the third picture. Love the two animals guys in the pic too, although I have no idea what they are!
    Thanks for sharing :))))

  2. WOW! You weren't kidding about having a serious tile issue in the bathroom! Misery loves company so thanks for the shout out. :)

    I love big windows - I think your new bay window is gorgeous! We had a new slider installed off of our family room last year and it is so much nicer than evil doors that don't open easily.

    Your new Christmas tradition of the tree and planting it later is awesome!

  3. That looks so nice, both the tree and the windows. We really need to do that with our house, since our windows are ancient. It scares me to think of SoJo clawing at them and the paint chipping off.

    Cool shower curtain too, and you look like you have one fantastic back yard! It'll be even lovelier with all of those Christmas trees.

  4. What a neat tradition! Very environmentally friendly too :-)

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  5. I think that's such a great idea about the trees. It will hold such wonderful memories to come.

  6. wow it looks to me like the old owner of that place must of wanted a grate out door feel when well he was useing the bath room (lol) most bath room windo's well you cant see out of thay have that realy funny glass in them or block glass and well i think it realy looks grate in a bath room :)

  7. Your tree looks so cute in the new bay window, so perfect!

    Maybe next year you can get a fig tree or something yummy. Make that grove work for you!

  8. I love your tree , what a nice idea. Instead of collecting mere ornaments, you're collecting a forest.

    The bay window is so nice, all the light it lets in! I imagine the kids spend time sitting there?

    Happy holidays Naomi, Bob, Roo and Jasper! Hope you get lots of goodies and yummies!

  9. Cool idea about planting the tree. You will love the windows. I knew I was a home owner when I practically jumped for joy when we finished replacing all the windows in our house. It makes such a difference. Keep warm!

  10. I love your view. It just looks so peaceful.


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