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Friday, January 16, 2009

7 Things You Didn't Know About Me

I was tagged by Vicky from (if you haven't checked out their podcasts, you really ought to!) before the holidays but I haven't really gotten around to it. Since I am sure all of my readers are dying to know more about me (yeah, right), I will comply…

1. I've worked at three record stores, one cookie bakery and a santa photography studio.

2. I have never been camping. Seriously.

3. I believe ironing is the devil's work.

4. The band I managed when I was in college still sounds amazing now.

5. Possibly the best aspect of pregnancy is not having to scoop the cat poop.

6. I love music but I hate wearing earbuds. I need to invest in some old school headphones one of these days.

7. My favorite color is green. Pea soup green.

I'm not tagging anyone in particularly, but if you want to play along, leave your 7 things below or comment with a link to your post.


  1. Great list. I am with you all the way with #3!

  2. All the way on 3! In fact, my kindergartner came home talking about this thing in the practical life area that flattens your clothes. Hee.

  3. I haven't ironed in ... a year. At least.

    And I haven't cleaned a cat box in about 5 years. !!! That one is all Mat.

  4. Who in the heck irons? You'll notice in my 7 things that an iron is "a damp washcloth" after I take my shower.

    I love #5. Hilarious. You know, I have NEVER EVER mowed a lawn in my life. and NEVER will.

    Sounds like you've had really cool jobs -- music, cookies and santa! You rock!

  5. I like to iron...
    but I agree with number 5!

    I've never understood women that loved being pregnant. I was fat, I had to pee constantly, I became anemic and all I wanted to do was eat strawberry shortcakes and tuna.
    It was not pleasing.

  6. I have trouble with earbuds too. And I don't think I have ever ironed. Luckily Nick knows how, he had to fend for himself back when he worked as a banker.

  7. I hear you on many of those, especially the ironing, the ear buds (those things drive me nuts, they either hurt or fall out) and not having to scoop cat litter. I'm tempted to get pregnant just for that.

  8. I don't like earbuds either. I don't know if it's my ears but either they don't stay in or they end up hurting.

  9. A santa photography studio, huh? Were you an elf (like in the movies...)? ;)


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