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Thursday, January 15, 2009

LoveSac, Baby

I have always wanted a beanbag chair. This is a slightly embarrassing admission from someone whose tastes lean toward the midcentury modern aesthetic. LoveSac makes beanbag furniture that truly breaks the mold. Oversized and luxuriously slipcovered. Imminently covetable. Bob rolls his eyes (he's even more of a design snob) but wouldn't it be awesome to pile on a LoveSac with the kids? I am loving the tubby overstuffed futon-like elegance of the Phur PillowSac:

And danged if the crazy kids at LoveSac haven't answered every parent's unspoken question: what would a grown-up bouncy chair be like? The Media Rocker knows.

Of course, my total pipe dream LoveSac would be a leopard print custom covered behemoth, either the SuperSac or The BigOne although I am not entirely sure if Bob would allow the latter into the house… it's 8' in diameter!

The reason I am mentioning all this is that LoveSac is currently running a Custom Cover Contest and I am a finalist. Click this link and vote for Naomi to help me realize my long-thwarted dream of beanbag ownership! Vote early, vote often…


  1. I am heading there now Naomi.

  2. Voted...I totally would put one of those in the back of the suburban for drive in movies. Lay the back seats down flat, all 3 of us curl up one it, nibble on popcorn and watch the movie. Awwww yeah!

  3. I went over and voted...for you of course!
    I was a the mall yesterday and walked by the store. I love these babies!
    Good Luck!

  4. They do look comfy but I'm afraid I'd have to agree with Bob on this one.

    I did however, cast my vote and it was for thee. May your beanbag dreams take flight dear friend.

  5. ooo! I'm voting for you!
    I'm also jealous!
    The name is a little off putting though.

  6. I voted for you, but how the hell does some guy get 7000 votes? Must be a hacker.


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