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Monday, January 12, 2009

Joovy Kooper!

I've been meaning to write about the Joovy Kooper for a while now. This stroller is really fantastic. It is very sturdy and well-built with heavy-duty seat and canopy upholstery and a big storage basket underneath. It handles smoothly and provides a comfortable ride. The padded ergonomic handles and built-in cupholders and zippered pocket make life easier for parents, too. The Joovy Kooper's sleek aluminum chassis and bright colors stand out in a crowd. This is one nice-looking ride!

At approximately $250, the Joovy Kooper is a great mid-range stroller option. It is as easy to fold and toss in the trunk as an umbrella stroller but will last way longer and be sturdier on all types of terrain.

I am really impressed with the craftsmanship of the Kooper– it makes sense that the Joovy toy line we reviewed is made in the same factory as their strollers with the same attention to detail. My only complaint is that I want them to come out with a two-passenger Joovy Kooper before Roo gets too big to ride in it!


  1. Already throwing kisses, huh? So darn cute. The stroller is stylin as well. The clip made my day.

  2. Aw.... hugs and kisses to you Jasper!

    It makes me feel bad for little Roo though. You DO need a double wide. It looks like it handles amazingly well!

  3. Wow, that is one amazing ride!

    I'm melting from the cuteness, too! Thank you for my kisses, Jasper!


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