superdumb supervillain: Outback Steakhouse Fail!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Outback Steakhouse Fail!

I mean, really. Who wants a takeout salad that looks… pre-chewed?


  1. Send them that picture! That is ridiculous, especially considering their prices.

  2. Wow! That looks horrible! We get takeout from them all the time and ours doesn't come looking like that! For one thing...they put the dressing in a separate little bag with the free bread and the salads are always wonderful!

  3. Ick... From someone who used to work in a restaurant for EVER. We did to go orders and I had to sign my name on any I handled - that's unacceptable. I hope you called and spoke w/ a manager. Dressings, condiments etc should always be packed separate.

  4. nasty. much better to get out the salad spinner and DIY.

  5. That's how they served it to you? Ick!!!!

  6. I think they gave you someone else's
    leftover lunch.

  7. How much for that tasty little dish, like $12?


    I never did like Outback.

    Did I tell you that my husband took a 3 hour written test to become a server and was deemed "not Outback material"?

    What?? He has a MASTER'S DEGREE!

  8. That's nasty! Did you send that photo to their PR people, or call the restaurant?

  9. ewwwww although I'd eat anything ROFL

  10. Is the path to your house bumpy or something?
    That is really pathetic considering their prices.
    We went into a nameless restaurant last night, were seated and then ignored for 15 minutes. I am so all over that phone today. Even when we got up to walk out, they still ignored us.
    I'm beginning to think I'm like an invisible woman or something.


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