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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Where I'm At/Where I've Been

I know there's been a vast bloggy silence lately and I have no excuse. Lots of non-life-threatening but time-sucking stuff– Roo's 5th birthday*, nice weather, my ongoing thyroid nightmare (I've been on medication for hypothyroidism since Roo was born and apparently my dosage has made me fat, tired and crazy)– has converged to form a giant case of writer's block that I am trying desperately to work past since I have a lot of very cool stuff to review and give away… I hope you'll stick around to see what's coming.

I promise, it will be worth it!

*I still haven't made her thank you notes (Bad mommy!) yet but look how cute the goody bags turned out.


  1. Those are very cute!!

    I was going to poke you with a stick tomorrow {read: send an email} if you hadn't posted by then. I'll step away from the stick now....

  2. Oh Naomi. What a pretty, pretty basket of goodies. It looks like a basket of violets and the backyard looks so pretty..

    I'm sorry to hear about your medical issue. I hadn't known Naomi.
    I hope you've been to see the dr. recently?

    You have been very missed. Do not ever do that again. And anyway, I thought you were some sort of superhero.

  3. The goody bags look fabulous, you're a better mommy than I!

  4. Awesome goody bags!
    Don't fall into the "bad mommy" trap, puh-leeze girlfriend!
    It has only been like 2 weeks, you still have plenty of time to get those thankyou's out!

  5. Those are adorable. Happy 5th Birthday to Roo!

  6. Um, I think I hold the record. In my purse (why? is there a rush?) I still have an envelope with the gifts received and givers' names scribbled on it from Lila's 7th birthday. Thank-you notes have yet to be written.
    She turned 8 in August. Needless to say, those notes have not been written, either. (I do have 4 kids, and the last two are still toddlers -- that's my excuse, and I'm sticking with it!).
    My point?
    You Can't Do Everything.
    But those goody bags are way better than a current blog post OR a thank-you note. :)

  7. I've missed you, although I totally can relate to being busy with birthday stuff, etc. Those bags turned out so great! I love the little Roo button on them. Great idea!

  8. OMG those are so cute! They just upped my dosage turns out i'm also a nut. We can go crazy togetehr!


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