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Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome UBP09 Visitors!

Ultimate Blog Party 2009

Hi there! Welcome to Superdumb Supervillain, the blog with what might be the most misleading moniker in all of the mommy blogosphere. My name is Naomi and I like to bake cookies, listen to punk rock and scout out coolness wherever it may lie. Usually I am scouting in the realm of baby gear, but I also have a penchant for typography, shoes, beauty products and kitty cats. I like to write about stuff I like. And give it away whenever possible! Click the giveaways link in my sidebar to see what's up for grabs today.

I am married to an artist and we have two gloriously odd kiddos, Roo and Jasper. Roo is in pre-K and talks from dawn until dusk. She alternates between fairy princess, Hannah Montana (a new, vexing development) and ninja bear assassin.

Jasper is 19 months old but thinks he's bigger than his big sis. He's kind of a bully these days but we love him anyway. This week, he's had a constant stream of goo running from his nose. It's pretty nasty. He is usually slightly cleaner. Jasper is a total mommy's boy and I love it. Except for the fact that he will only sleep ON me when he's sick. Ugh.

Hope to see you around the Ultimate Blog Party- leave a comment and I will be sure to stop by your shindig, too!

My prize wishlist:
58 – Kitchen Aid Artisan Stand Mixer
USC 73 — Go baby OutMat
106 — Melissa & Doug Role Play Dress Up Costume
41 — Key clasp style Boston Locket from Elemental Memories
USC 26 — 10 $50.00 Gift Vouchers to Hatley
19 — $50 gift certificate to Target Stores
21 — $50 gift certificate to Target Stores
22 — $50 gift certificate to Target Stores


  1. I didn't know about Roo's Ninja Bear Assasin alter ego; I'm intrigued. By far my favorite.
    Deeds is starting to drive me mad by constantly wrapping himself around my knees and shrieking.
    Make it stop!

  2. Hey! Thanks for stopping by Wishing Penny :) Like Can Can, I'm also curious about the ninja bear assassin! Much better than Hannah Montanna I think.
    Have fun at the party!

  3. Hope you have fun whoopin' it up at the party! Love the ninja bear get up. LOL

  4. Hi - I'm here from the Ultimate Blog Party. My party post won't be up until Tuesday, the 24th. I didn't even know about this massive shindig until an hour ago. This is amazing.

    I love the picture of your son with his nasty goo - LOL!! That's what kids are for, isn't it - laughs and good times. By the way, I love your blog name. Super intriguing.

  5. I have to be yet another one who is very impressed by the Ninja Bear Assasin alter ego :) Yay for imagination!

  6. I thought that was Jasper, the ninja, until I clicked on the photo and saw the shoes! I'm sure he'll be mimicking her soon enough.

    And poor J with the gunk running out of his nose...and the tear in his eye. Hope you don't run out of hugs and liquids.

    Is that Bob's wig?

  7. I love the name!!!
    Have a great week!!

  8. Please remind your li'l cutie that a ninja bear assassin is 8 bazillion times cooler (and more useful) than Hannah "annoying, mind-stealing brat who's trying to convince my daughter to be all girly and crap" Montana! Glad I came across your par-tay! Fab to e-meet you!

  9. Hi Naomi, happy UBP '09! :D
    I always enjoy reading your post. Roo and Jasper are so cute! :D

  10. I am new to the blog world.
    So glad that I found your blog! This is my first party. I am in the process of introducing each of my family members in my blog.
    Will be back later to read more.

    Come by and sign up for my very First Blog give way. A great gift....the best seller in my gift basket business for the past 15 years.

  11. Stopping by to say Hello, I hope you are having a great time!

  12. Hello, just blog hopping, I love your layout to your blog. Super cute, and super cute family. Happy Party week!

  13. Howdy! I like what I’m reading! And your kiddos are supercute. Love the wigs! I’m a Canadian blogger based in Italy. Come on over to my party when you get the chance.

  14. Hello! Your family is beautiful! Nice to "meet" you.

  15. You crack me up with the constant stream of goo comment! He's going to love you for that one day!!! Goo or no goo, those kids are cuties!

  16. I'm here because of the party but I have been here before. I don't know why I wasn't already following you but I am now. :)

  17. Happy UBP09!!

    Your kids are really cute.

  18. I'm visiting from the UBP.

    Come by and see me sometime!
    Fairy Blog Mother

  19. you and your fam seem like so much fun!

    tell Roo happy Birthday!
    not a stalker just saw it on the bottom of you page! heehe!

  20. My two year old does the same thing to me. Except he talks in his sleep.

    Lovely family! Fabulous blog!

    Stop on by sometime when you get a moment to yourself. :)

  21. I think it should read, superMOM supervillain. It sure does look fun living in that house!

  22. Hi Naomi! Happy to connect again....seems like forever ago we did the Valentine's Day Swap!

    I also put the kitchen aid mixer on my list, and in red, how awesome :-)


  23. vexing as it may be, the ninja bear is adorably cute.

    dancing through on the Ultimate Blog Party, enjoyed my visit!

  24. Thanks for stopping by my party.

    We too are in the beginning stages of Hannah Montana and High School Musical. I'd like it to stop.


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