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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Smooth Operator

I have a serious weakness for frozen frou frou drinks. The kind with bright paper umbrellas and straws, spears of fresh fruit jutting out of them, plastic doodads dangling from their rims. If they're served in something shaped like a tiki or featuring hula girls, so much the better. And if you can set it ablaze like your own mini volcano, so much the better…

I haven't been much of a drinker since I birthed my babies. My tolerance is laughable, which I am sure will be evident at BlogHer next month. But that doesn't mean I don't love an icy blended cocktail, my friends. I just go a little easier on the booze. It's not as sad as it sounds. Turns out if you lessen the amount of rum or vodka involved, you can actually taste the fruit! Who knew? Chiquita Banana, that's who. Yes, the people who brought you the anthropomorphic flamenco banana have also figured out a way to make fruity, blended goodness as simple as pressing a button on your blender.

Hold on! Can't I just throw some fruit and ice into a blender? I know that's what you're thinking and yes, you could. But maybe you don't have a variety of fruit at your disposal. Or perhaps, like me, you would love to have a tropical concoction but you don't want to bust open a can of coconut cream for just one or two drinks. Chiquita Smoothies are available in four flavors (Peach Mango, Mixed Berry, Banana Colada and Strawberry Banana), each featuring the perfect blend of 100% natural frozen fruit purees. Filtered water, guar gum (a thickening agent) and vitamin c (a preservative) are also added but there are no unpronounceable ingredients or coloring agents. All of the Chiquita Smoothies are dairy and gluten free and come in a recyclable plastic can. We received a sampler of all the flavors, plus a really nice blender to whip them up in. All you do is empty the concentrate into your blender, add a couple of cans of ice and about half a can of water and you're good to go. My favorite is the Banana Colada, unsurprisingly. (It's even better with a little shot of spiced rum in there!)

Roo likes the Peach Mango and Jasper prefers the Strawberry Banana. Sans alcohol, of course. Chiquita Smoothies will be part of our healthy treat arsenal as temperatures rise. I think we're going to be making plenty of smoothies this summer!


  1. Yum! Actually the only thing I like is the fruit taste. When I was in Jamaica I kept being poisoned by over eager baristas who thought they were doing me a favor by adding an extra dash of rum to everything.

  2. These sound fab! I just got a milkshake mixer and determined right away that we need smoothie recipes.
    And if I don't have much time, which I never seem to, these will be perfect!

    And you can be the designated BlogHer blogger.

  3. Oh how delicious! I second CanCan about the amount of alcohol used in the Caribbean. In Puerto Rico, we were practically doused with rum. I couldn't ever taste the coconut or sangria other ingredients (whatever the heck they are).

  4. yummy. I'm your newest blog follower also :O)

  5. These sound delicious I shall be looking for these. Thanks for the wonderful review.


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