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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Vote for Roo on Facebook!

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I'm a Graco Nation Ambassador, which basically means I tell people about how much we've loved our Graco products. It's not a paid endorsement or anything like that*, I just love the company and the corporate culture it espouses. Read their Heart to Heart Blog and you'll see that they are not merely employees and coworkers, they are part of a huge extended family that has grown to include a network of bloggers, the Graco Nation Ambassadors.

Anyway, all of the Graco Nation Ambassadors received a special treat a couple of weeks ago: a make-your-own birdhouse kit. This is usually the kind of thing that Bob tackles with the kids since he is imminently more crafty, and patient, than I am. Since he's out of town, though, Roo and I made it together. She's handy with a hammer, that one. Oddly, she didn't want to use the paints included in the set so she decorated it with markers. I love it, especially the dog-bird hybrid and labelling it as a bird house, just so they know…

Anyway, you can see the other Graco Nation Ambassadors' birdhouses in the Home Tweet Home album on the Graco Facebook page. If you leave a comment on Roo's birdhouse picture, we could win a set of Calphalon One cookware, which would be awesome since the teflon is flaking out of our nonstick pans. The Graco Nation Ambassador with the most comments by Friday night will win, so feel free to tell all of your Facebook friends to stop by and vote for Roo. (You will need to have a FB account and become a Graco Fan.) If we win the pans, I'll cook something for you should you happen to find yourself in Wichita…

*I've never received any compensation from Graco or even product samples to review, either, although I was very grateful that they very generously sent a gorgeous travel system to my friend who lost her husband suddenly while expecting their third daughter. All of the many, many Graco products we've owned, we have bought ourselves. Have you seen the new MyRide Convertible Carseat? Sweet!


  1. Yes, I can see that she likes the markers better...easier to get all those birdy details on the house!

    I voted for her!


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