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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Assorted Oddballs

Share your own pictures this week at Wordless Wednesday HQ!


  1. The first two pictures are absolutely precious! Beautiful children! Love the sign. Smart girl!

  2. I love these photos, truly!

    I don't know which is my favorite, Jasper and the robot, the "bad guys" sign (is someone having sleep issues?) or the scooby doo masks.

    You must have such fun at your house, or else you've just gotten loony with Bob gone.

  3. No Bad Guys Allowed.
    I love it. I love it.
    I would frame that and hang it in a place of honor.

    So..did little Roo get some chocolate from Grandma and eat it all before Jasper awoke?

    Oh... I just love this set of photos. You da bombgirl.

  4. Cute kids! Isn't the Learning Tower fantastic? We use ours every day.

  5. I can picture the bad guys saying "AWW, MAAAN!" in the swiper voice...

  6. Thanks for sharing, they are so adorable. My WW is up. have a nice day.

  7. Ah, late again! So sorry!
    ROFL!! LOVE the NO bad guys sign! And that Scooby Doo mask pic is adorable too. Such cute kiddos!

  8. Ah! I love your W/W pictures they bring a smile to my face :)

    {sorry, I'm lagging on my rounds this week, but I needed my fix}


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