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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Wordless Wednesday- Last Week

No, we didn't plan to match their outfits.

Yes, that is a bloody knife.
But look at what he has to put up with.

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  1. Oh good heavens; they are all over the place! You must be such a fun mom.

    Roo is sorta growing all up...what happened?

  2. They are all over the place, for sure! I love the sets of pictures you put of up W/W's. Those outfits did kind of match, huh! Very cool, even if it wasn't intentional :)

  3. As usual, it would be a riot to grow up in your house, knives and all.

  4. Love that they're matchy-matchy!! Too cute!

  5. You must be so exhausted... reminds me of when mine were little - good times.

  6. The kids are looking so big and old! Your husband's art looks really cool in teh background.


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