superdumb supervillain: Awesome or Awful?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Awesome or Awful?

I am torn. Thoughts?

Princess Leia dog costume, $18 at Chasing Fireflies the boutique that sends out catalogs that make me salivate. Like a dog. (But a royal, Alderonian dog, at least.)


  1. Awesome - that is adorable! :)

  2. Don't ask me, I have a superman costume in my closet for our shitzu.

    It's cute, but impractical.

  3. It's for a dog??
    I once saw a boutique of doggie fashions and the place was packed with women with lapdogs and pink sparkly dresses. In Texas.

    Don't get that thing. Besides, it wouldn't have the same look unless they were a two legged circus dog.

  4. mom and dad have two dogs. june HATES to wear clothes, so she doesn't. emmett however, will come to you and stick his head through to the neck of the shirt on his own. he's a very prissy boy. haha

  5. I'll have to agree with Jay Leno and say that pets in costumes are ridiculous. Not on the matter of cruelty, but fashion. Sorry! :)

  6. My dog would not let me come close to him with something for him to wear. He is a Golden and is able to give the most "I am so embarrassed" look in the world.

  7. Ha! I think it's hilarious. How fun would it be to walk around the neighborhood with your dog in that? :)


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