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Saturday, August 15, 2009


So I mentioned Chasing Fireflies has dog costumes. Did I mention their unbelievably gorgeous and vast selection of costumes for humans, Wishcraft? No? They have really detailed (and accordingly pricey) costumes that can make your kid into Marie Antoinette, Robin Hood, the Statue of Liberty, you name it. And they have adult costumes, too. Bestill, my heart. My hands-down favorite: the complete Viking family. If I had a couple hundred dollars to allocate for our Halloween attire, I would totally go for that. I think we'd look charming, don't you?

I can see Roo and Jasper garnering tons of treats as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, too…

I love Halloween.


  1. Halloween rules. The girls can sit for hours and look at Chasing Fireflies. Love the viking family pic!

  2. I LOVE the Chasing Fireflies Halloween catalog!!


  3. Ohhhh, Halloween! I guess it's ok to start dreaming about it now that it's August. I love the little red riding hood costume, and their Spiderweb playsuit is so cute.

    I need to start figuring out a simple costume for SoJo.

  4. Love this catalog! We ordered our costumes for the girls here.

  5. Those costumes are fantastic! I too adore Halloween. Sadly my kids are at the stage were dressing up is "not cool". *sigh*

  6. Your photo is cracking me up :) And yes, their costumes are awesome! Is it already time to think of Halloween?


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