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Friday, August 28, 2009

Roo's New Addiction (free offer)

Last Christmas, one thing kept appearing on the top of Roo's lists for Santa: Puppy in My Pocket. I knew she was obsessed with dogs but when she kept scrawling it all over, I assumed it was something she'd made up. Umm, no. Puppy in My Pocket is a line of teeny-tiny flocked puppies (and kitties and ponies and jungle animals, and now babies!!! scroll down for a picture…) that are ultra-collectible in the preschool/kindergarten/early elementary school girl world. You can even wear them as charms these days. Who knew?

Now Roo's discovered Pocketville, an online world where kids can play games, decorate their own environment, and adopt virtual "In My Pocket" pets. She loves creating and making over her own avatar and playing the free games to earn Paw Points to buy food and toys for her puppy, BoneCupcake.

Pocketville is 100% secure and no open chatting is permitted. All users are anonymous and can't share personal details with other players. Kids can learn responsibility by taking care of their virtual pets and virtual piggy bank account. I think it is helping Roo to learn hand-eye coordination and keyboard/mouse skills, too. The only drawback I can see with Pocketville is that Roo wants to monopolize my computer all the time now…

BlueSuitMom got us started in Pocketville with a voucher for 250 free tokens and the same offer is available for everyone! Simply use code B9GX8NUDYS when you register to play in Pocketville. (Offer expires on September 30th, 2009.)

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