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Friday, March 26, 2010

Dwink It

Our new Dwink boxes came! We've put some serious mileage on our old ones, having ordered them way on back when Roo was about Jasper's age. I really do consider them one of the indispensable products of child-rearing, since they foster independence with their double handled design and also keep your munchkins from squeezing juice boxes (or pouches) all over the place. I was a bit overexcited to hear about their new Special Edition Dwink boxes, which are a lovely BPA and phthalate-free white plastic with a smart die-cut logo and cool dot pattern that makes them extra-grippy.

Even cooler, the net proceeds from sales of the Special Edition Dwink boxes are donated to Raven + Lily, a non-profit design studio dedicated to empowering women through design partnerships and micro-enterprise opportunities. So, yes, there is a good excuse to buy yet another kid-feeding accessory…

New Dwink, old Dwink. Both very useful, in my book.

Disclosure: I bought these with my own money because I really think they're cool. In fact, I saw them on Cool Mom Picks, so I guess you could say they're literally cool, even.

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