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Tuesday, June 01, 2010


You might have noticed my lack of posting over the weekend. Yes, I enjoyed the holiday with Roo and Jasper, even with single parent duty since Bob's on Horn Island. But, no, keeping the kids off of each other isn't my excuse. My desktop computer crashed in the middle of me finally backing everything up, potentially losing all of my data including all the photos since Jasper was about a year old. Whoops.

I hoofed it over to Haddock (the Wichita version of an Apple store) and left my poor iMac in their capable hands over the weekend. And I just haven't felt like blogging without it, even though potentially I could do so on the old laptop, albeit more slowly. I think I'm afraid of a technology curse. I plugged my iPhone into the laptop and it promptly lost half of my apps. Sigh. Anyway, the tech guy called to tell me the data's all there but he was going to mess with some other things so hopefully I'll get it back tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me. Apparently I miss my computer. How lame is that?

Okay, divert your eyes from the embarrassing geek love and check this out:

Although you probably shouldn't enter, since my chances of winning would be better that way. Hmm.

Also, my old workmate Kevin is trying to win a screenwriting contest, so if you have a YouTube account and can like his rather eloquent summation, I would appreciate it. Perhaps if he wins this trip to LA and becomes a famous scribe, he will stop assaulting me with Aldo Nova stuff on Facebook. You know what, I'll just embed the thing here and you can check it out. I think it's a good concept, although obviously the crazy mom should be Japanese. Duh.

How was your Memorial Day?

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