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Monday, March 26, 2012

Live a Little: Go Off the Grid

This past week was the kids' spring break and we spent half of it in the car, driving to and from the Florida Keys. Road trips are not one of my favorite things, especially when they last days instead of hours. I grew up in Hawaii, remember? You can pretty much drive around the entire island of Oahu in three hours! I get restless on the open road.

Especially when I am disconnected from the interwebz. That's kind of embarrassing to admit. Our resort had some poky and then non-existent internet service. Which gave me more time to spend watching the kids splash around at the beach instead of running through emails.

True, I came home to over 6000 messages in my inbox. But it was totally worth it. Try it sometime. Live a little. In the real world.

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  1. Yikes!! 6,000! Seriously it is great to relax but I find it tough to know those tings are piling up. Didn't your smart phone work? I guess totally unplugging is a good thing. I have done it recently but I would have to give some serious thought to unplugging for a week!! Food for thought.

  2. We were in the Keys over Christmas and our resort's internet service sucked too - I was very antsy for a couple of days but realized it was a complete blessing. Unfortunately, I have to be forced off the grid because I won't do it myself :)

  3. Getting away is so refreshing and so is being unplugged. At first I get a little antsy about it, but eventually I revel in the freedom!


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