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Monday, July 30, 2012

Live A Little - Sometimes You Have to Splurge

I'm a bargain hunter. While I would never classify myself as frugal, necessarily, I always scour the sale racks first and look for the best deals. That being said, I appreciate quality and craft so when I say "bargain" I don't always mean "cheap." And sometimes you've got to suck it up and fork over the big bucks to get what you want.

My mom taught me that lesson when I was little, when she was working three jobs but still making time to do something really special every month, like taking me to see Nureyev dance or sharing a meal at a fancy restaurant. She still goes on and on about the importance of exposing kids to culture and new things and though I like to roll my eyes, I know she's right.

We never had extra cash for buying clothes. My school wardrobe usually consisted of things my grandmother bought for me while I was visiting New Jersey in the summertime. She never could figure out why I didn't want to buy corduroys! Aside from the charming vip-vip sound my always chunky thighs made, no one in Hawaii EVER wore cords. Or socks, for that matter. I had a totally weird east coast preppy look for years until I started thrift shopping in junior high. Then I was just plain weird…

Anyway, Guess jeans and Esprit coordinates were not typically in our budget. Neither was formalwear, which was not a big deal until I was asked to a prom. I ended up finding a really gorgeous '30s black satin floor-length gown at a vintage shop but I had no suitable shoes. My thrift store stilettos sort of cheesed out the look. My mom was pretty appalled that I was going to wear a second-hand dress but she did offer to take me to Ala Moana to look for shoes. I was assuming I would end up with dyed-to-match satin pumps but my mom took me to Carol & Mary and bought me my very first pair of designer shoes. Colorblocked red and black slingback kitten heels by Yves Saint Laurent. They cost $145 but mom assured me they were timeless.

Almost thirty years later and I have to agree, they've aged well. It's hard to admit I'm old enough to see things come back into style but these actually look pretty current for Fall 2012. And maybe they'll work when Roo gets asked to prom. Some splurges are worth it.

What have you splurged on?

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  1. Oh I live this post. Almost makes me cry but that isn't hard to do these days with three daughters. I splurged just yesterday on all of them shopping in St.Armand's Circle in Longboat Key. It almost made me feel like I had done a poor job of educating them on fashion when their mouths dropped open at the prices. They know how much I spend onmy shoes, clothes and bags but I guess they just disn't think they were worth it. I don't know. All I know is that I certainly wish I had more money to spend on all of them but it is a good feeling to know they appreciate anything they receive. Just want to make sure I teach them the value of timeless style.

  2. They look fantastic, and I totally agree!! Buying classic timeless good design is always worth it - especially when it's your own style. Trends come and go, but knowing your own style and following that is much smarter and comes cheaper in the long run.

  3. Great story! And cute shoes. What made you pick a kitten heel, especially after stilettos?


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