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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mamavation Monday - Week Four

This has been a very long week, even though technically it is just beginning. Holidays always throw me off balance but even moreso when we've spent the past few days in and out of a cold medicine-induced haze. Yes, the nasty flu bug that's had my husband down for almost two weeks now finally got one kid, both kids, and then me. Argh.

Coincidentally, I developed my plague symptoms on the same day that the very expensive BluePrint juice cleanse was supposed to arrive. (I'll be writing about my thoughts about the plan for Diets in Review soon and will share the link when it posts.) I did make it through the three day juice fast with no issues and it was probably a good thing, since I couldn't motivate myself to do much exercise at all, aside from the awesome core workout you get from deep-body hacking coughs.

I'm still sick, although I think I'm on the upswing, finally. I lost almost seven pounds over the three days of the juice cleanse. Yes, I know that it's probably mostly water weight but I do think that swooshing antioxidant fruits and veggies through my body is something I'm going to have to look into for the future. I could definitely see juicing for a healthy snack option throughout the day. I was surprised at how satisfied I was with the six bottles of juice per day and my skin looks pretty darned glowy for feeling as rotten as I do. My stomach feels less bloated and I feel like the clean nutrients probably helped me kick the cold faster than my typical comfort foods would. I can't imagine how great it would feel if I was able to work out while doing a juice cleanse! I'll definitely try it again in the future but with homemade juices. I'm not sure how normal people could justify the $80/day price tag of having them delivered to your door. Note to self: gotta get a juicer, like pronto.

Do you have a juicer to recommend?


  1. *dying laughing* Oh my gosh! I thought my friend and I were the only people who referred to bad coughs as core workouts! That's classic. I don't have a juicer recommendation. I want one of those crazy Vitamix or Blendtec blenders that pulp the whole thing so you get all the fiber and not just the sugary juice, but some people prefer juicing over blending so don't listen to me, I'm no expert! LOL

  2. Wow that's great! I need to get more proactive on my juicing. I got my juicer for $49! It's a Hamilton Beach. There are more costly ones but for now this one works great.

    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

  3. So sorry you've all been sick. That cannot be fun at all, but it sounds like the juice came at a good time for you! I have a juicer that is now collecting dust because I hate the cleanup involved. I moved on to making more smoothies, which I am loving! I'd recommend my juicer, though, it's a Breville.That reminds me....I should put it on eBay. ;)

  4. $80 a day?!? Oh my that is a lot of money for juice!! Glad that you are on the mend.

  5. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better! That flu has been nasty this year. I've thought about juicing before, but I have no clue where to start!


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