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Friday, July 12, 2013

Blogging My Way to BarkWorld with Pruven

About this time last year, I wrote about how much I wanted to go to BarkWorld. Most of the blog events I attend are related specifically to parenting or women's issues so I think it would be amazing to shift my focus to another niche I am highly interested in. I am an avid supporter of our local shelter, Kansas Humane Society, and my day job is at a design firm that created their mobile app, PetBridge. Everyone in our office believes very strongly in pet adoption. So much so that we're fostering kittens! I'm writing this post today in the hopes of winning a trip to BarkWorld next month so I can learn more about tailoring my social media efforts to helping animals.

If you're a longtime reader, you know how much I love animals. Our current household roster includes two dogs, six cats and two dwarf frogs. (Our turtle, Tick Tock, was released into the wild earlier this summer although my mom reports she saw him by her back door and put him in her koi pond. I have yet to confirm this although the kids back up her story.) All of them were rescue pets, except for the frogs, who came via mail. I hate to brag but keeping some teensy frogs alive for three years kind of proves my animal rearing skills… ha!

The sponsor of this year's BarkWorld blogger trip is Pruven, from 3M. I haven't actually had the chance to try their wares yet but I am anxious to. Especially the odor removing stuff because, uh, I have six cats and a year old Boxer with anxiety issues. By writing this post, I am hoping to win the following:

  1. A ticket to BarkWorld 2013 
  2. Roundtrip airfare (up to $350)
  3. A 3 night hotel stay at the host hotel, Westin Buckhead (room & tax)
  4. Roundtrip airport transport in Atlanta, GA
Wish me luck!

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