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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#Write_On - 30 Days, 30 Letters this April

Back in the day, I was an awesome pen pal. I'd write long, rambling letters with scribbly drawings and ephemera tucked into envelopes like precious treasures. I went through a particularly pretentious period where I wrote letters on black stationery with an old fashioned stylus pen dipped into opaque white ink. 

Nowadays, I am much more inclined to hit return than fumble for a stamp but I do miss the days when my handwriting wasn't a pathetic chickenscratched scrawl. My English penpal, who I "met" via a classified ad about his fanzine in the back of NME when I was in high school, recently sent me a copy of Patti Smith's Just Kids that he had her sign at a book reading. A thoughtful gift and a surprise, even though he had to get my mailing address via Facebook so I knew he was sending something. What was best, though, was a note with his still-familiar handwriting. I owe him a long letter!

One of my favorite stationers, Egg Press, is launching a call to action this April. The Write_On campaign is a collaboration with Hello!Lucky in honor of National Letter Writing Month. The dynamic letterpress duo are offering a free 4-card Write_On starter kit while supplies last. 

You'd better bet I signed up! And I know just who the first card will be addressed to…


  1. I used to be a good pen pal too. I loved writing letters! That's awesome that your pen pal found you again and sent you such a great treat!

    1. I have a box in progress for you, too!


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