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Sunday, October 11, 2015

75 East Broadway | Bringing The City to Kids Everywhere

When Roo was a toddler, I came across an article about holding a baby barbecue. Sounds like a quaint Texan custom, but this one involved grilling the placenta. I was amused to discover it was written by an old college radio friend and obviously his sense of humor had not abated.

Flash forward to now and that same friend has created an awesome web channel for kids with a similarly off-kilter sense of humor and thirst for knowledge: Welcome to 75 East Broadway, which bills itself as "a free online media network in progress. Showcasing premium original content for enlightened families everywhere – we’ll bring you videos, images, artifacts, science experiments, experimental art and other curiosities from around the globe." It's kind of like public access TV for digital natives, with educational content, video art, and man-on-the-street interviews of urban denizens by a roving band of puppets. New videos are posted every Friday, so you should subscribe, obviously!

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