superdumb supervillain: Apron-esque

Monday, May 28, 2007


Nan from Life Is Like a Lunchbox is going to be having a fancy apron giveaway all next week! Oddly, I have been totally obsessed lately with finding matching aprons for me and Roo. I love the ones on Darlybird, but their lack of pockets bum me out. Please don't tell me I should make my own. You obviously have never seen anything I've sewn.

My friend Meghan had the world's coolest apron, ever. It was vintage barkcloth and had huge, handy pockets. She wore it when she had yard sales to keep her change organized and it absolutely was a treasure. The vintage ones I've amassed tend to be more silly, like the ruffly black see-through chiffon number with roosters painted on it. I'm all for form, but a little function never hurt anyone...


  1. Ha - Meghan still has that apron and I'm sure she'll be rocking it at our next yard sale in a couple of weeks! I have my own traditional yard sale apron that I bust out every time, but it's not quite as stylin' as hers. Actually, now that I think of it, my apron came from her - one of her castoffs, but still pretty cool and quite functional. Love those big ol' pockets!

  2. I love that apron, but I can never remember to wear aprons when I'm cooking. Sort of silly since I own tons of them.


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