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Friday, June 01, 2007

Date? What's that?

You know you need a date with your husband/partner when…

…you call each other "mommy" and "daddy" in public. Even when the kids aren't around.

…you would just as soon not leave the house because you'd have to look semi-presentable.

…you can't remember why you thought he was cute in the first place, when he supplies the kids with each and every one of their bad traits and riles them up all the time, especially before bed.

…every restaurant entree you've had in recent memory came with fries or free dessert.

This Blog Blast was brought to you by eHarmony Marriage, a new online alternative to marriage counseling, and The Parent Bloggers Network who dare you to come up with some of your own reasons for needing a date with your significant other. You could win some moola for your own date night.

But, honestly, I need it more.


  1. LOL! One and two fit me to a T. I'm mortified when we're out with friends and I call my husband 'Daddy.'

  2. I hear ya! Every time I get called mommy when the baby isn't around I wonder what is happening to us - we swore we wouldn't do it! :)

  3. Only it's DADA over here. How embarassing when I let that slip. LOL

    Found you via the blast. My entry is here


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