superdumb supervillain: Little Red Riding Roo

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Little Red Riding Roo

We won an awesome poncho from MothersClick, isn't it super cute?

The poncho is made by Skipping Hippos, a mom-run business based in San Francisco where it is probably a bit cooler than it is here at this time of year. Here is my other favorite color combination, called Sabine- 10% of all proceeds on this style will benefit the Kim Family Fund.

I wish Roo could wear this sucker all the time but it was pushing 80ยบ today (notice the styling hot pants avec cape ensemble), so it might have to be an indoor summer garment only. Maybe Skipping Hippos will come up with a warm weather version... hopefully! Ooh, and a superhero-styled cape would be nice... like, maybe a She-Ra cape...

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