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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Want vs. Need

My grandmother used to carry LeSportsacs. She was very practical and they are very useful, being a line of pockets and purses to carry all manner of stuff. They're made out a parachute-type material and cotton twill strapping that weighs very little and folds almost completely flat. But I always thought they were a little dowdy, maybe because Grandma's were all in shades of navy and beige.

Fast forward to the Tokidoki faux-Anime hipster prints that have been out for a couple of years now. They are so cute and collectible, with their little Meomi Qees. I have several in various incarnations of the prints, mostly thanks to my mom traveling to resort destinations. (Thanks, Mom!) Last season, they came out with diaper bags featuring matching changing pads but since Roo's kind of beyond the need for diaper bags, I resisted. But this summer's limited edition print, Spiaggia, is Hawaiian-y! I grew up in Hawaii! And I'm seven months pregnant! I need one, right???

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