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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Carry that load

Adventures in Babywearing is sponsoring another great giveaway. This one caught my eye because of its title: For Your Little Roo...although if I won, it would be more for my little Jasper, since Roo is over the 30 lbs mark at this point and I just don't feel like toting her around.

The prize is a $75 gift certificate to MamaKanga, which can be used for any number of cool baby toting products or accessories. I am a bit reticent about the ring slings and wraps, which seem complicated and overwhelming for a 5'2" person (at least this one), but the pouch slings are great. I actually like them better than the harness-styled front carriers, probably because I'm so short and, uh, busty. Plus, they fold down to nothing in your diaper bag and could be used as a makeshift changing pad or burp cloth if need be.

Look how cute this HotSlings Zoie pouch is. You can also get a matching pocket for your money and keys:

I am also partial to the BabyLegs leg warmers and the Bink Link pacifier clips which I would use for securing toys since Roo wasn't a binky baby and I am hoping Jasper won't be, either. Anyway, contest runs through Friday. All you have to do is link to Adventures in Babywearing (sign the Mr. Linky there) and MamaKanga and hypothesize on what you'd be buying with a $75 gift certificate. Good luck!

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