superdumb supervillain: Shiny shiny

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Shiny shiny

Check out the sparkly crystal loveliness that you can win over at Pinks and Blues, just by submitting your favorite blog name in their comments. (If you can't come up with one, superdumbsupervillain is always good choice.)

Better yet, don't check it out. Maybe then I'll have a stronger chance of winning…


  1. I need to search your blog for the story behind your name. I love to know the backstories...


    P.S. Step away from the bling. It's mine! (I hope!)

  2. No real backstory on the name... superdumb has been my email address literally forever (since way back when I first had AOL in like '94!) but apparently someone else already had that blog name, so I was thinking of other things that might go with it and supervillain just came into my head. Not probably the best name for what's turned primarily into a mommy blog, but I will pretend that's the intentional irony…


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